Our Global Operations

With our motto-

“For Better Life and Healthy Nation”
as the central tenet, the Jayson Group of Companies is committed to bringing its products to those around the world who need it.

Established six decades ago in 1956, Jayson Pharmaceuticals was the pioneer in exporting pharmaceutical products from Bangladesh since 1984.

Due to its growing reputation both at home and abroad, and a commitment to service excellence and quality, products of Jayson Group have been readily accepted worldwide. Our export market has grown steadily in the last few years to include over twenty countries, with more countries being added.

With exports already in place to countries such as Afghanistan, Belize, Bhutan, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, , Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Ukraine, Vietnam, Yemen, Kiribati, Jayson Group is determined to leave its growing imprint on a global scale.