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Atropine ® Injection

Atropine Sulphate


Atropine®-Jayson Inj. : Each mL contains

Atropine Sulphate BP 0.6 mg.


1. Cardiovascular disorders

It is used in a variety of disorders or circumstances

in which bradyarrhythmias occur. It is frequently

used in sudden onset bradyarrhythmias and

although it may also be employed for the initial

treatment of chronic arrhythmias, cardiac pacing

is generally preferred for long-term control.

Examples of acute use include the prevention and

treatment of arrhythmias associated with

anaesthesia, the treatment of other drug-induced

arrhythmias, and in cardiac arrest due to asystole.

It has been used in the management of bradycardia

of acute myocardial infarction; however,

caution is required, as it may exacerbate

ischaemia or infarction in these patients.

2. Anaesthetic premedication

It is given before the induction of general

anaesthesia to diminish the risk of vagal inhibition

of the heart and to reduce the salivary and

bronchial secretions.

3. Anticholinesterase and mushroom poisoning

4. For control of muscarinic side-effects of neostigmine

in reversal of competitive neuromuscular block


Atropine®-Jayson Inj. :Box containing

10 x 1 mL Ampoules &

10 x 30 mL Vials.