Jayson Group of Companies

Product Details:

Arocaine®-A DC Injection

Articaine Hydrochloride 4%+Epinephrine Bitartrate 0.001%
Local Anesthetic



Arocaine®-A DC : Each mL contains

Articaine Hydrochloride BP 40 mg

& Epinephrine Bitartrate USP

equivalent to Epinephrine 10 mcg

(1 in 100,000)


Arocaine®-A DC is indicated for local, infiltrative

or conductive anesthesia in both simple and

complex dental and periodontal procedures.


Arocaine®-A DC : Box containing 5 x 1.8 mL, 10 x 1.8 mL

& 20 x 1.8 mL Dental Cartridges.